Welcome to Ancient Fern Medicine, a business of Chinese Medicine. Through acupuncture, herbalism, and other modalities, disease is uprooted, pain becomes a thing of the past, and you resume creating your life rather than feeling like the victim of it.

From stress and insomnia to cancer and heart disease, Chinese Medicine offers new answers without heavy side-effects. Western medicine struggles to find healthy, long-term solutions to many common conditions like painfertility, colitis, etc.  These issues are freshly understood and responsive to acupuncture, herbal, and energetic medicine.

Call me for a free 15 minute consultation and we’ll see if Chinese Medicine can help you. Initial visits last two hours as we thoroughly address your body and mind from an Eastern perspective. Together we build a treatment plan involving multiple modalities, and when you see what is possible in one session,  healing your whole life becomes possible.