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We practice a truly holistic approach to patient care. We care about all aspects of your well-being, and will work to discover the root cause of your health concerns.

We are a team of holistic medicine practitioners, who also happen to be a husband and wife raising a young family in Portland, OR. We met during our shared time at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) and then became partners in life and business. We have a shared passion for healing and providing healthcare that supports you in reaching your fullest potential.

Illness in any form, but especially chronic illness often results in the loss of options from a person’s life. You become limited by your symptoms and are not enjoying your life to the fullest. We are here to help return the full range of options to your life.

We practice a truly holistic approach to patient care. We care about all aspects of your well-being and will work to discover the root cause of your health concerns.

We have the same training, but we bring different specialties and personalities to our work. Please see each of our Bios to get an introduction to who we are. Always feel free to call or schedule a free 15-minute consultation to learn more about us.

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About Tim

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I always found myself asking, “What is going on underneath things?”  When I see people in pain, having difficult emotions, or repeatedly making poor choices, I know there is an explanation underneath the simple judgments that people make. I started to answer my perpetual question by getting to know myself through meditation. This led to an understanding of the mind, but the body remained a mystery to me. I began to study the body through craniosacral therapy, Body-Mind Centering, and eventually pursuit of a degree in Chinese medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine. 

When I began studying Chinese Medicine, I discovered a sophisticated system that provides a blueprint for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. As my studies progressed I modeled my lifestyle after that blueprint, and watched my life transform. My energy returned, my digestion improved, my mind was clear, and my body felt strong. I am thankful for this dynamic medicine, which has given me the principles for my own health and has led me to a livelihood that brings health to others.

My passion is helping individuals strongly connect to their struggle with illness and pain. No matter what the illness: cancer, auto-immune, digestive, undiagnosed, etc. there is an individual underneath who deserves a complete plan for health. 

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About Sarah

I am a natural medicine practitioner and licensed acupuncturist based in Portland, OR. The focus of my practice is helping women who are struggling with hormone imbalance, autoimmune disease, chronic pain and fatigue to reclaim their energy and vitality. You are the expert in the experience of living in your body. No one knows the inner workings of YOU, better than YOU. I am here to listen to your experience and serve as a supportive partner as we bring your body back into balance. I am also known for my ability to help my patients unravel their medical mysteries. If you are struggling with a confusing mix of symptoms that no one seems to understand, I may be able to help. I am passionate about helping patients who have not been helped by the conventional medical model. 

My journey to this work began when I started experiencing a wide range of debilitating symptoms in my mid twenties. I was in college at the University of Kansas at the time, and found myself unable to focus, in constant pain, suffering from chronic fatigue, and frequent illness. I tried medication after medication for my issues, and they all left me feeling terrible in a different way. I went in search of deeper answers.

Sarah Nelson

I began working with a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist and within a few visits I had an understanding about what was going on with my health. I knew nothing about acupuncture at the time, but after a few visits could not believe the results. I left each session with less pain and more energy. My anxiety began to lessen and my sleep and focus started to improve as well. The healing I experienced inspired me to pursue this path and bring that same hope to others who are struggling with their health.

As a part of my formal training at NUNM I completed a yearlong internship at the Immune Enhancement Project, a nonprofit clinic that specializes in adjunctive cancer care, and the treatment of autoimmune diseases.I have extensive experience in acupuncture for adjunctive cancer care, and have helped many patients to reclaim their health after a cancer or autoimmune disease diagnosis.

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Professional Bios

Tim Nelson

Education and Training 

B.A. in History-University of Minnesota 

M.S. Oriental Medicine-National College of Natural Medicine 

Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc) Oregon Medical Board 

Level Four Spring Forest Qi Gong Practitioner 

Infant Developmental Movement Educator-School for Body Mind Centering 

Transitional Doctorate Program PCOM (In progress)



Co-Owner and Licensed Acupuncturist Ancient Fern Medicine  

Sarah Nelson

Education and Training

B.S. Biology (Emphasis in Cell and Molecular Biology)- University of Kansas 

M.S. Oriental Medicine-National College of Natural Medicine

Board Certified in Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc) -Oregon Medical Board

Contemporary Pulse Diagnosis Seminar-Dragon Rises Seminars 

Craniosacral Therapy Training for Practitioners-Upledger Institute



Co-Owner and Licensed Acupuncturist-Ancient Fern Medicine

"Sarah has been the kindest and most caring soul I have ever met. I have been through many doctors with a complicated health situation.

The first visit I had she took me in and cared for me as if I were a family member. She is very gentle and listens very meticulously. I wouldn't go to anyone else after seeing her. Over the past few months, I've started to see improvement. She has been an incredible encouragement. I recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled and caring acupuncturist."


Hubbard, OR

I spent 10 years on birth control pills; hormone production did not come back when I discontinued using them. I took bio-identical hormones for a few years, but ovulation didn’t occur. Had my period in 36 days using only your herbal support. After less than 90 days (3 cycles) taking the herbs you provided, I conceived. I recommend this method to anyone.


Manager of a Business Development Center (Overland Park, KS)

Tim Nelson, L.Ac. has been a godsend to me. As a cancer survivor and joint replacement recipient, I rely on regular visits for ongoing care and maintenance. He takes time to listen carefully to my words and their underlying currents and meanings. And I appreciate his ability and skill in both being able to offer a variety of treatments, and to explain how what he is doing is bringing balance to my body. Some of his treatments include acupuncture, cupping, Chinese herbs and salves, heat, massage, and meditation. I must say that I have never been in better health than these past few years of being under his care.


Teacher, Portland, OR

"As an active trainer in the aerial arts and hand balancing I put my body through a lot on a daily basis. My visits with Sarah at Ancient Fern have become an absolute necessity!  Her needle work and cupping always calm my angry muscles and her herbal concoctions were a miracle worker on my angry digestion issues. She even helped me sort out some confusing insurance hiccups along the way! Appointments with Sarah always leave me feeling calm and grounded and I've already sent several of my friends her way!"

Sarah M.

athlete, circus and movement arts enthusiast

"I have some complex physical issues. The team at Ancient Fern have helped me skillfully navigate my path to health. They are extremely knowledgeable in acupuncture and natual medicine. They have supported me with my chronic knee pain, back issues and general health challenges. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone."


Owner of a Web Development Company, Portland, OR

"Tim Nelson is warm, intuitive and an incredibly good listener. That he is then able to parlay that into effective treatment makes his perspective on healing in actuality a blueprint for living. Lucky me!"


Child Advocate, Rancho Mirage, CA

"I have been seeing Tim off and on for the last year or so for various treatments. Every Spring and Summer I am pretty debilitated by my allergies. This season, with Tim’s help I didn’t have any major issues and was able to minimize the amount of medications that I would typically have to take. Additionally, Tim has helped me get back to work from a very painful neck injury. He does a great job of listening and asking pointed questions to get to the root of issues.

Tim takes time to talk to you about your concerns and expectations, and does a great job treating you holistically rather than just chasing symptoms."


Nurse, Portland, OR